Hardwood Cutting Boards – Purpleheart and Wenge (EGCB-S13b-SM)

Hardwood Cutting Boards – Purpleheart and Wenge (EGCB-S13b-SM)


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Hardwood Cutting Boards – Purpleheart and Wenge

Introducing our hand-crafted custom hardwood cutting board, featuring a stunning combination of five different hardwoods: Black Walnut, Cherry, Purple Heart, Wenge, and White Maple. This rectangular cutting board is not only functional but also a beautiful work of art that will impress your guests.

Expertly crafted by our skilled artisans, this hardwood cutting board features a beautiful pattern of hardwoods that creates a visually striking contrast of colors and textures. The natural wood grains of each hardwood give this cutting board a unique and distinct character that is sure to enhance the look of any kitchen.

The surface of the cutting board is treated with food-grade oil to ensure a smooth and durable work surface that is perfect for all your culinary needs. The sturdy hardwood construction ensures that it can withstand even the most demanding kitchen tasks, while the non-slip feet on the bottom provide stability during use.

This cutting board is versatile and can be used not only for food preparation, but also as an elegant serving platter for your favorite cheeses, meats, and other appetizers. Its unique design and beautiful hardwoods make it a perfect gift for any food enthusiast or chef in your life.

Invest in the quality and beauty of our custom hardwood cutting board today and enjoy a lifetime of use and enjoyment in your kitchen.

  • This product is made from black walnut, cherry, purple heart, wenge, and white maple hardwoods
  • Each cutting board includes a container of “board butter” used to refresh your new cutting board.
  • Please note that each of the boards will have the same design, but no two boards will be identical.
  • Please select size from the pick list.
  • Some boards have a juice groove.
  • All boards come with silicone non slip feet


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