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How to Properly Clean Your Wood Cutting Board

To clean using hot water, sponge and a light amount of soap, scrub off any foods and fluids that have come into touch with the board.

Bacteria can grow inside knicks and scratches on the wood cutting board surface. These imperfections occur naturally from normal daily use.

Remove any lingering bacteria by using a disinfectant such as pure white vinegar or diluted household bleach. Dip a cloth in your solution of choice and wipe off the wood surface on both sides.

After you have disinfected your board, the most important part is to wipe it with a dry cloth. This last step is the most important for maintaining your cutting board, as water permeating the wood is what causes the wood fibers to swell and then warp your board. This is why you should never soak your cutting board in water and never put it into the dish washer.

Apply board butter on your clean dried cutting board.

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