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In 2022 Crafted at Home came about from a passion of handmade things.  We would spend weekends looking for items that were made in America, often at swap meets and fairs, and often were disappointed with how little was out there.  This became more apparent as we shopped for solid wood furniture.  Over the years we began building our own items and that turned into making items for friends and family.  That lead us too today.

Frank and Caroline are local crafters that have a passion for handmade things.  Our shop and home are in North Idaho in the small town of Athol.  Inspirations come from our own love of rustic things and practical items everyone needs for their home.

Our focus right now will be on limited items as we kick start and expand our products. Beautiful cutting boards, rustic picture frames, coasters, and charcuterie boards are up first.

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Cutting Boards

Learn more about the cutting boards we make and the wood we use.

Picture Frames

Who doesn't need more picture frames!

Crafted Things

Mystery section of all things magical.

Shop Crafted!

Hi there and welcome to our store!  We appreciate you stopping by to check out what we have.  Our product pages will provide you some details on the products we make, the process, and materials.  In our shop you can see what is available today.  Our inventory is up to date and as we build new items they are placed in the shop for sale.  If you follow our Facebook or Instagram we will be posting new items, things in build, and provide updates as they come.

If you are buying this as gift we can ship it directly to them for you!  We offer custom gift messages so be sure to check the box “Is this a gift” and leave your personalized note at checkout!

If  you are looking for personalized gifts for your customers or employees we can work on building that special something for you.  Reach out to us at and let’s see what we can do for you.

All purchases come with a hassle free return policy.  If you simply don’t love your product contact us for a refund or exchange.

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