Picture Frames For Sale - Made in America!

Our custom picture frames are made in America right here in Athol Idaho.  More styles will be coming.  Please check the shop to see what is in stock or email us if a custom frame is needed.

Blue Pine Picture Frames

Blue pine is a term coined to describe pine lumber, usually from lodgepole pine trees, that has been infected and killed by the mountain pine beetle. These handmade custom picture frames are naturally colored with only a lacquer coat applied.  Every wooden picture frame is unique and no two will ever look the same.  The lumber is locally harvested and milled in North Idaho!  


Craftsman Style (PF01 8x10)

PF01 8x10 1 scaled

This frame will work for 8x10 without a matte or 5x7 with a matte as seen above.

Craftsman Style (PF01 5x7)

PF01 5x7 1 scaled

This frame will work for 5x7 without a matte or 4x6 with a matte as seen above.

Build Process

Raw Lumber

All of the frames start with raw lumber from the local saw mill.  From there each board is jointed, planed, sanded, and cut to size.