Crafted Items

Other items we make....

In here we list various other things we have made.  Besides the woodshop we also have a laser engraver, 3d printer, CNC, and quilt room.  We plan to add other items in the near future.

2023 Valentines Hearts!

Heart Shaped Valentines Gifts

For Valentines 2023 we will have a dozen or so unique heart shaped engraved pieces.  These logs were found on our property as we were chopping firewood and had to set them aside.  They are made from beautiful “blue pine” logs that are naturally colored from the beetles that kill the tree.

Custom Bluepine Live Edge Desk

Custom Live Edge Desk - Handmade

This beautiful live edge desk is something we can make, but probably not ship.  This desk is 8 feet long by 30″ deep and around 2 inches thick.  It was made from locally harvested “blue pine” logs that give the beautiful colors.  The top coat is an epoxy tabletop pour.   If you are interested in a live edge piece and are able to pick it up locally here in North Idaho shoot us an email and let’s talk it out.

Sewing Bobbin Cases w/ Clips

These 3D printed bobbin cases were originally made for the quilter in the house.  After being seen by some of the local quilters we have begun making them for other people as well.  These are customized with the Quilters name on the top and includes 15 bobbin clips.  The colors range from whatever filament we have in stock.  If you are interested in these cases or clips shoot us an email